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About Us

Working on picking a daycare? Remember your child will be at daycare longer than you are at work! Therefore this is a huge decision because this means your child could spend up to 4 years with your choice of caregiver.  Welcome to my home daycare website.

As seen in my pictures, we have lots of opportunity for physical activity. I feel its very important for them to be able to run, climb and slide indoors and outdoors. Specially in the winter time when its sometimes not possible to go outside for days at a time.

In my daycare pictures, you will see a blackboard which they can use any time, a small book area, with fantastic books always available for them to look at or for me to read to them! Lots of opportunity for imagination play areas, example a kitchen, strollers and dolls who need a ride, and a large playhouse to live in. New and exciting toys exchanged often. We speak both french and english during our day.

At Kelly’s daycare kidz your toddler is in training and should be preparing for school. Your child should be exposed to the alphabet, and the sounds the letters make (very important for early reading), counting, shapes, colouring and learning to write their name before starting school. This will give your child a bit of a boost and self esteem in order to participate in the class room. They will learn to hang their belongings on their own hook and set shoes aside nicely on the mat just like school. They will learn proper bathroom routines, how to socialize with their friends and be able to accept a changing environment, ex. kids leaving for school and new children starting. These areas will help with a smooth transition into the classroom. Each child has a binder to show off their beautiful work which they will take home periodically to show. We are very active daycare with lots of toys for everyone, and frequent visits to the park.  Always a great time!


These are just examples:

  • We eat 2 snacks a day, and lunch.
  • Our daily nutrition consists of whole grain bread, crackers and other snacks. We eat only fresh fruit and vegetables. Our lunch menu at the moment is Waffles on Monday, deli meat tues, wed, turkey dog day on Thursday, and cheese pizza on Friday. Each of these days the lunch contains fresh fruit, whole wheat crackers, cheese, and the main course.

What Does Your Child Require at my Daycare?

The only items I ask for would be their own PLAYTEK cup to use at my house daily, a large size cute school bag for all their daily stuff, and indoor shoes.
I supply all the food unless your child requires specific jar food.
I supply the sleeping arrangements (playpen or sleeping bag)
I supply bum wipes (Kirkland unscented wipes)
and I supply all the TOYS!

Training and Certificates

First Aid and CPR – updated 2018
Police check completed for myself and my husband


  • National Childcare Training Course
  • First Words Course
  • Helping Children Behave Well
  • Good Discipline, Better Behaviour
  • Setting Consequences
  • Hidden messages, Bad Behaviour

I am always continuing my training and attending workshops.